Last Day For Clearance 2023 New Self-Cat Litter Cleaner
Last Day For Clearance 2023 New Self-Cat Litter Cleaner
Last Day For Clearance 2023 New Self-Cat Litter Cleaner
Last Day For Clearance 2023 New Self-Cat Litter Cleaner
Last Day For Clearance 2023 New Self-Cat Litter Cleaner
Last Day For Clearance 2023 New Self-Cat Litter Cleaner
Last Day For Clearance 2023 New Self-Cat Litter Cleaner
Last Day For Clearance 2023 New Self-Cat Litter Cleaner
Last Day For Clearance 2023 New Self-Cat Litter Cleaner
Last Day For Clearance 2023 New Self-Cat Litter Cleaner
Last Day For Clearance 2023 New Self-Cat Litter Cleaner
Last Day For Clearance 2023 New Self-Cat Litter Cleaner
Last Day For Clearance 2023 New Self-Cat Litter Cleaner
Last Day For Clearance 2023 New Self-Cat Litter Cleaner

Last Day For Clearance 2023 New Self-Cat Litter Cleaner


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✅Smart, Simple and Safe: Rsdnlife self-cleaning cat litter box has APP control function, which helps you manage your cat house to keep it clean anytime, anywhere via APP. Wi-Fi connection.
✅AUTOMATIC CLEANING SYSTEM: The automatic self-cleaning system helps you dump the poop into the trash bag after the cat leaves the litter box. And automatically turn on the purple light until the cat goes to the litter box next time.
✅SAFETY ALARM PROTECTION: Built-in LED security alarm keeps you informed of operating status. Multiple safety sensors ensure that the emergency brake will be activated, protecting your cat from any situation.
✅ HEALTH MONITOR FOR YOUR CAT: The smart sensor syncs data to your phone, allowing you to track how long it’s been used and how much litter it has. So you monitor their health at all times.
✅NO MORE STICKY POO: Our Rsdnlife automatic litter box features the latest self-cleaning design, but without the typical spin filter. This way the poop will no longer stick to the machine and get stinky inside.
✅No More Litter: Equipped with a drawer pedal, it can help cats get in and out of the litter box more conveniently. What’s more, the drawer pedal can collect the cat litter brought by the cat when it is out of the box, so as to prevent more messy things from being brought to the living room.
✅Extra Large Space for Multiple Cats: 60L extra large space fits multiple cats from 3.3 lbs to 28 lbs. Additionally, the waste container allows a cat up to 15 days to be free from shoveling.
Compatible with all clumping litters: Compatible with all different kinds of clumping litters, such as plant litter, mixed litter, bentonite litter, etc.
✅Brand Warranty and Service: Rsdnlife supports 12-month warranty and brand service. Please contact us before returning it directly, our customer support is here to help you 24/7.


Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner is a self-cleaning litter box that provides a clean bed of litter for your cat.

Odor control

Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner self-cleaning technology and carbon filter help drastically reduce unwanted odors.


Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner in-app insights let you view activity and alerts right from your phone.
Multi-cat friendly

This self-cleaning litter box provides fresh litter, removes the need for multiple boxes, and suits up to four cats.

  • ✅Never scoop again
  • ✅Drastically reduce litter box odours
  • ✅Minimize litter tracking with included fence & step
  • ✅Monitor litter box usage right from your phone
  • ✅Fecalism design suits up to 4 cats

What is a self-cleaning litter box?

A self-cleaning litter box offers many benefits for both cats and pet parents by automatically providing a clean bed of litter every time your cat needs to go. Cats naturally prefer a clean place to do their business and if they’re presented with a dirty litter box, they may go outside the litter box or not go at all—potentially leading to a host of health problems. A self-cleaning litter box like Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner eliminates the need for pet parents to have to scoop, saving time and frustration brought on by an unpleasant chore. Additional benefits include better managing odor control, keeping cats’ paws cleaner, and helping reduce litter usage. With Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner, you’re not just buying a self-cleaning litter box—you’re getting a better way of life with your cat!

Will my cat be scared to use a self-cleaning litter box?

Most cats acclimate to Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner just fine. The trick is to ease your cat into the transition. We recommend placing Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner near the old litter box without removing the old litter box yet. Take a cup of litter from the old litter box and add it to the clean litter in Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner to provide a familiar scent. If you have an increasingly skittish or skeptical kitty, leave Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner turned off until you know it’s been used. Read more about how to acclimate your cat.

Typical litter box odors are significantly reduced with the Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner since litter is quickly removed and stored in the base. Designed to neutralize litter box odors. The system uses a combination of airtight waste drawers and carbon filters to reduce odors. Eliminates litter box odors with natural chemistry. That’s one reason why the Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner is an excellent choice for multi-cat households.

Does Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner require special litter?

Not at all! Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner doesn’t need special litter or proprietary consumables like several other self-cleaning litter boxes on the market. In fact, Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner works well with almost any clumping litter. Litter beads and crystals that are small enough to pass through the screen will also work in Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner. Litters that are strictly absorbent, non-clumping, loose-clumping, newspaper-based, or wood-based pellets won’t work with Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner, as they interfere with the sifting process.

Can kittens use Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner?

Kittens weighing 3 lbs or more can safely use the Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner in automatic mode, but if your kitten does not meet this minimum weight, turn off the Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner to run in “semi-automatic” mode. When you see your kitten using the Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner, turn it on and the Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner will perform a cleaning cycle automatically. When done, turn off the power. This way, your kitten is used to the Rsdnlife Self-Cat Litter Cleaner at an early age, so it’s safe and you don’t have to scoop the litter box!

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