Authentic Beni Ourain Rug 6.5 x 9.8 feet / 200 x 275 cm
Authentic Beni Ourain Rug 6.5 x 9.8 feet / 200 x 275 cm
Authentic Beni Ourain Rug 6.5 x 9.8 feet / 200 x 275 cm
Authentic Beni Ourain Rug 6.5 x 9.8 feet / 200 x 275 cm
Authentic Beni Ourain Rug 6.5 x 9.8 feet / 200 x 275 cm
Authentic Beni Ourain Rug 6.5 x 9.8 feet / 200 x 275 cm
Authentic Beni Ourain Rug 6.5 x 9.8 feet / 200 x 275 cm
Authentic Beni Ourain Rug 6.5 x 9.8 feet / 200 x 275 cm
Authentic Beni Ourain Rug 6.5 x 9.8 feet / 200 x 275 cm
Authentic Beni Ourain Rug 6.5 x 9.8 feet / 200 x 275 cm
Authentic Beni Ourain Rug 6.5 x 9.8 feet / 200 x 275 cm
Authentic Beni Ourain Rug 6.5 x 9.8 feet / 200 x 275 cm

Authentic Beni Ourain Rug 6.5 x 9.8 feet / 200 x 275 cm


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Fall In Love with the White Moroccan Rugs

The best way of decorating your home this festive season is with and poufs. Whilst some brains are naturally sensed the interior of their homes even way before they actually put certain decorations at a place.

Wall hangings, interiors, particular pieces of furniture, and every bit of inspirational home décor item – they just envision every corner. Whatever you think, whatsoever you put into your home as home décor but when it comes to cover floors, nothing matches the beauty and standard of White Moroccan rugs.

Just imagine, how can a white Moroccan rug alleviate the elegance of a colorful city flat? What kind of rug you should put into your home or flat? What tips should you look for to keep your white lasting? This article will cover everything you need to know about white Moroccan rugs and will serve you with the answers to some frequently asked questions about white Moroccan rugs.



Beni Ourain White Moroccan Rugs

When we talk about interior styling for modern or monochrome lovers, an authentic and original White Moroccan rug satiates the needs. These tribal Berber rugs blend in so perfectly with the neutral colors of the surroundings adding an infinite touch of warmth through their minimalist tribal patterns and designs. Their pattern and geometric shapes work perfectly to provide a clean and vibrant look to the entire place. When needing sophisticated area rugs White Moroccan rugs are all you need.


White Moroccan Rugs with a Mix of Neutral Colors

The clean and classic style of White has become the all-time favorite item for interior designers, home decorators, and stylists. Their simple and neutral elegant wool fibers match greatly in muted home décor colors. In case your home is decorated with an interior that is funky colorful or if you want to remain stereotypical – in both cases, White Moroccan rugs are the unique selection to mingle with the overall appearance of your house.

White Moroccan rugs come in a wide range of variety, in which many of the designs are incorporated with colorful patterns and designs with a white base to create a contemporary feel in your space.

You can also add some plants and wall hangings to make your room look more beautiful with these selective artsy Moroccan rugs.


White Moroccan Rugs with Contemporary Designs

Who doesn’t like colored walls? Or the plain white walls with vibrant color paintings or wallpapers? If you are looking for something to place in to your room that incorporates with the rest of the ambience of the room? Our has a collection of rugs with colorful designs on plain white and on the red, blue, white, black, and orange Moroccan rugs that suit every need.

The abstract minimalist tribal designs are the ones that you are looking for. Either you are looking for a runner rug for your corridors or the kitchen area or whether you are after a large piece of rug for your living room, these will add an aw factor to your home with a brighter tone.


White Moroccan Rugs – The Fresh Look

A combination of bright contemporary motifs and earthy home colors can generate a fresh look at any place. woolen natural colors work to mild the bold designs and soften the vivid colors to allow a seamless balance of hues.

To provide your room with a transformation of organic treat, brings some natural or artificial plants. Lit a scented eucalyptus candle or lavender scents and succumb to the tranquility of your room.


How to Style With White Moroccan Rugs

If you are like us who have a passion for , then you must know that nothing comes near to Moroccan rugs when it comes to quality, designs, patterns, and authenticity. But what to do if you have the passion for the price and the rug even, but you don’t know how to style your home with White Moroccan rugs? Let’s face it, we all need some suggestions when decorating rooms is all we concern about.

So here are our part of suggestions and tips in order to decorate your home with White Moroccan rugs.


  1. Layer It

Old Moroccan rugs were not mostly larger than 7 feet wide, which becomes tricky for many of the country flats. If you have got an old White Moroccan rug that is super gorgeous and you want to put that in your living room – providing a layer base will work as a frame for the rug in your room.


You can get your layer base easily from any online store or Amazon at quite a nice price. Just give it a try. For exotic experiences for layering, we recommend jute rug, Tuareg mat or hand-woven mats from Africa. If you would do that, then what we believe! The result would be stunning!


  1. White Moroccan Center Rugs

It is rather easy to take a centerpiece of a rug and design the interior or everything around it. It also makes your room bigger whilst create more area for your decoration ideas.

The White example shows how you can emerge the beauty of Moroccan rugs into the home and feel the satisfaction coming out of it.

We’re sure that looking at the examples you would surely want to know where you can buy them, isn’t it? So, we are here at your service.



  1. Use More Than One Moroccan Rug

Call all your creative microbes and put them on making some amazing color combinations with. This is where the options can be put together when you and your spouse or children want something different from what you have been thinking for a place.

Try keeping everyone happy by placing the White Moroccan rug with its color combination that will satisfy everyone, make them happy, and guess what it makes your place a beautiful amalgamation of colors all the way.


  1. Multiple Shades in Multiple Rooms

This is one of the main and important point when it comes to decorating your room with White Moroccan rugs. People often place their Moroccan rugs in living rooms. But because of their variety of sizes and colors, they can be placed in many other places as well. Especially in front of your door. Look at the example. How colorful this White Moroccan rug appears to be in the sunlight with some amazingly crafted wall paintings.


  1. Get an Even Larger White Moroccan Rug

Your living room will make the jaw drop for your visitors with this setting of a white Moroccan rug.




  • How to identify if the White Moroccan rug is authentic?

If you are really curious to know if the expansive rug is authentic, then turn your rug and look closely at the backside of your rug. If your White Moroccan rug is from Beni Ourain, its knitting will be irregular and larger than usual that cannot be done through a machine, it is purely hand-woven with sheep wool. As the demand for these rugs is increasing day by day, many manufacturers claim that they are delivering the authentic and original tribal Beni Ourain White Moroccan rug, but this is not the case every time. The difference that you should look upon is the more vintage and antique appearance of an original Beni Ourain White Moroccan rug.


  • What do the signs on White Moroccan rugs mean?

The symbols, patterns, and designs on the Moroccan rugs tell the stories of the Beni Ourain tribes. This includes femininity, birth, nature, and special events. In the Moroccan rug’s weaver perception, these symbols and signs protect the owner from the evil spirit and are actually lucky charms.


  • Do the White Moroccan rugs shred?

People often think that the product is made from wool, then it’s a must that it will shred while cleaning. Whereas, this is not true. What is delivered under our name, will never disappoint you. We are very mindful in selecting our rugs and the material especially. These hand-woven rugs are so authentic and durable that can last for life if they are cared properly.



  • How to protect White Moroccan rugs for a longer life?

You can regularly vacuum your rug to prevent dust stain and other impurities that may spoil your rug. For a quick refresh look, brush it with a brush broom. We’ve observed that BBQ metal brush works great in brushing and cleaning rugs. Also, if it gets wet for any reason, put it under the sunlight for a day to eliminate odor or humidity. If it is still humid or didn’t dry completely it is not recommended at all to put it in a bag or wrap store it.


It is better to give a call to a professional rug cleaner for overall cleaning. It will not cost you much but will leave your white Moroccan rug as fresh as a flower.   

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