Moroccan Black and white rug
Moroccan Black and white rug
Moroccan Black and white rug
Moroccan Black and white rug
Moroccan Black and white rug
Moroccan Black and white rug
Moroccan Black and white rug
Moroccan Black and white rug
Moroccan Black and white rug
Moroccan Black and white rug
Moroccan Black and white rug
Moroccan Black and white rug
Moroccan Black and white rug
Moroccan Black and white rug

Moroccan Black and white rug


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Moroccan Rugs for Sale – How to Choose the Right Moroccan Rug for Your Home & Office

Every one of us knows that the idea of choosing a for space can never go wrong especially in enriching a space. The cozy and soft Beni-Ourain style floor rug texture emits the warmth and friendliness that always look amazing and the butterfly shaded color combinations on the white hue base that you could put in any area any space of your room.

This is all because the Moroccan rugs are so stylish and durable in the same way. But they also bring a hefty price tag along with them. A seller may make you count the myriad goodness that these deliver and that they can last forever (and they actually do!) but yet it is hard to take out hundreds and thousands of dollars to spend on a single item and on a single sitting. That’s why people always look for Moroccan rugs on sale. You may not find the traditional vintage in a sale but you can go for alternatives in this fashion.

With some alternatives, you can slash the super high price of the Moroccan rugs with the same color, size, authenticity, and limitation. But many of us don’t really want to take anything else other than Moroccan style rugs either for our home or office – no matter what price tag it has. So if you see some cheap Moroccan rugs on sale, then what would you do? How would you spot the perfect piece for your office and the one for your living room? Let’s find out in the next part of the article.


Difference between a Home and an Office Rug

If you have ever been into choosing a rug, then you must know how hectic it is to choose a perfect rug when plenty of things are there that needs to be taken into consideration for a chosen one. It’s required to measure the size, dimensions, think about the colors, the purpose of the rug, the surrounding interior, and plenty of other factors.

But what if you are after a sophisticated rug style that you don’t need to put at your home? Well! The color combination and other factors take a U-turn when you consider taking a from sale for your office or business other than your home. Let’s hover over some considerations in both cases.


Choosing a Moroccan rug for your home

Simply put, whenever you opt to have a colorful or vibrant Moroccan rug for your home, just listen to your heart. When you have several options you choose something that you love the most. When on a sale, you have a lot of options - on looking at many colored rugs, you pick a rug that your think would go for your space you touch a rug you start imagining it at the space where it is going to be placed in your home – don’t you? So just listen to your heart and select the one that you think you won’t regret choosing when you see it every day in your living room.

The carpet or the rug should be the one that brings warmth, life and belongingness to your home. Generally, rugs that are designed for the home are comparatively less under-feet traffic, so you should not get into durability thing or your considerations should not totally depend on the factor that if you find a perfect colored rug for your home, you just put it back thinking that it won’t stay long.

For your home, a rug with shabby chic or something with low piles will go perfectly in an everyday home setting. So you don’t need to think too much.

Choosing a Moroccan Rug for Your Office & Business

A rug that is made entirely for your office or business must be considered with a completely different set of considerations as you may have considered for your home rug. Whilst, where the home rugs are chosen from the dear heart, the office or business rug, is utterly based on the practical and corporate feeling that you want to give your customers when they first step into your office.

Rationally, the rugs that you choose would be assumed to have a much larger amount of traffic than your home. For this purpose, you should look into rug collections that are durable and with darker colors so the dirt and shoe marks can hide easily.

Colors actually and mostly depend on the type of business you do. If you are associated with an ad agency then colorful rugs will work best for you. On the contrary, if you are an attorney and have a law office, then it’s obvious that no color can be as sophisticated as blue, grey, and white or black colored rugs. Many times antique rugs works perfect for offices such as Bidjar rugs that are woven with closed loops and are called often third-generation rugs as they are densely woven with rich colors.

The bold and richer colors of the rug provide a smaller feel of the space giving the strength and inevitable feeling while having a good taste for colors and that the business and the associated people are strong.



The Importance of Properly Used Rugs

Now when you get your rug based on some of the mentioned considerations, you should know how to use them perfectly so that they can deliver the best out of them. Specific spaces of your home and business are in dire need to have something decorative so that they can enhance their beauty. Let’s start looking for these places by roaming around both places.




  • Visual Pathways

Hallways and corridors – if you leave them bland, trust me they will look dead and unwelcoming either at your home or business. So why not putting your favorite colored rug on the space to live it up and revive its beauty.

  • Sound absorption

Rugs are some of the wonderful solutions against sound absorption, especially when you have wooden flooring at your home or apartment. Most of them when you have kids and pets running here and there with their bare-foot.



  • Connected Spaces


If you have a larger area at your office with furniture or having a large living room with sections, then putting the same rug style will unify the visual connection between the areas. The idea of similar rug placing can also come in handy when you have connecting rooms. This will eventually help you create a flow of delivering the essence of perfection from one place to another. For a much better perspective use them in minimal or neutral spaces.


  • As art

From the last decade, rugs have made their way to every part of the world so quickly that they become the piece of art for most of the interior and decorative spaces. They have also been considered for hanging on the wall as a masterpiece of art. With this, they not only provide the stunning element to space but also enhance the creativity of the walls. They are also a great source of absorbing sound even for the walls. When you need to make your office or room soundproof, another way of making it without glass is the wall of rugs.




  • Creating a feature


The layering of the rugs or applying a duplicate rug on one another to feature out and emboss your open space. Hence, if you can’t find a rug that is large enough to cover your whole space or you just don’t want to give your open area an old simple look, you can use rug layering with color contrast or the duplicate rugs that go along with each other and space perfectly.

You will witness that it will create a much bigger impact in terms of your creativity rather than a larger rug. Which could be much expensive and not putting up satisfaction underneath.


  • Add personality with patterns


If you’re brave enough to play with the patterns, then there’s not any other way to introduce your bravery through patterns. It’s quite easier sometimes to go beyond the plain colors of the walls and try something interesting with colors. Rugs are also a great way to incorporate patterns into your home which seem appealing to the eyes whenever you see them. These patterns in rugs come with colors as well. So if you could bring a slight change in your home or business – then it might become a style statement for your business.


Other considerations

Till now that you know some important factors that you should consider when you see for sale and want to make choices for your home and business. Now, look at our selections of rugs that are perfect for any space. After that, if you still feel that you need guidance by any means, then our experts are always there to help. Just give a text and we’ll together get a dream rug for your home or business.




Type:Moroccan Rug Handmade
Material:95% Wool 
Backing:5% cotton
Manufacturing:By hand
Production time:Approximately 2-5 weeks (depending on size)