White Beni Ourain Rug
White Beni Ourain Rug
White Beni Ourain Rug
White Beni Ourain Rug
White Beni Ourain Rug
White Beni Ourain Rug
White Beni Ourain Rug
White Beni Ourain Rug
White Beni Ourain Rug
White Beni Ourain Rug
White Beni Ourain Rug
White Beni Ourain Rug
White Beni Ourain Rug
White Beni Ourain Rug

White Beni Ourain Rug


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Moroccan area rugs – Which one is your favorite?

Moroccan area rugs often come when somebody talks about décor. Interior design enthusiast always opts for the rugs as they are one of a style statement-making rugs that could give any room a special feel. The tone goes from vibrant and neutral to the extraordinary distinct through their patterns and weaving quality.

Patterns are often boasted through the range of colors and the free-form pattern style makes them unique, amazing, and appealing to the eye. The styles symbolize survival, fertility, and the natural world of art. The art describes the hard work in handmade patterns with complex designs in your everyday rug. Due to the endless variety and understated elegance, they are too good to be true. With the contemporary maximalist cores, they are more relaxed with any of your room settings.

There’s something behind the beauty, simplicity, and peace of the that always carries the particular joy of the midway blues. A little bit of research will unveil the buried simplicity that they are the hidden tales in the intricate weaves and tell us where they belong. Let’s peek into the history of the Moroccan area rugs.


The antiquity of appeals to the Paleolithic Era, Berber tribe. Interestingly, the residents of North Africa inhibited Morocco even before it became a country in the 7th century. They made the tribes at the place there, and still are relying on the making of rugs to run their living – following the same trend their ancestors left for them centuries back.


Significance of Designs

Every Moroccan rug depicts an interesting story and that’s another beautiful fact about the Moroccan area rugs that make them attractive. Why? Because to comprehend the patterns and motifs, you need to go deep into the history of Morocco and to know what do they mean. The patterns and designs are combined to tell you the story of weaver’s tribes and emblematic language. Although, some geometric design on the rugs represent femininity, male protection, and spirituality.


Hidden secrets behind the designs

The motifs of the rugs, a ‘frog’ acts as a symbolizer of resemble diamond-shaped motif. It is there because the symbol tells the tiny enchantments of the ancient days in Morocco – where the frogs are considered to be the symbol of fertility. Fertility in the sense that the frogs lay many eggs at the same time and that the symbol of the solitary effort that she makes. Undoubtedly giving birth to a child requires a lot of power and then the protection of these blessings is all that matters.

In the Moroccan area rugs, those criss-cross lines (representing lines drawn onto the grass by a child), figures, illustrating skeletons, snakes, and fishes. Skeletons of the snakes and fishes are usually considered holy symbols in the rugs and are believed that they possess special entrancing commands that are important to keep everyone and the community safe from the spells and evil eyes.

So, the lines are basically there to protect fertility and illustrates the originality of the Moroccan rugs. The use of creative language in the Moroccan rugs is mindful and thoughtful. They particularly are asking for blessing and creating a holy shield for the people around them. Moroccan rugs are the way of sending protected vibes and blessings to the owner through these illustrations mounted with a language that is easy to comprehend to build an unseen relationship with the weaver.


Decoding a Moroccan area rug

From EttiluxHome collection, you could get the perfectly shaped, designed and modern rug that will fix in the ambience of your house that you would feel like it is made for your home containing the rich folklore and heritage of Morocco.

Here are some symbols that will help you in decoding patterns and motifs in the rugs. Identify the story in your rug through these hints (skeletons of fish, snakes, frogs, and lines) that your weaver has sent to your home and let us know what you got.



Getting the best quality Moroccan carpets

About the early 20th century, the were only known within its own premises. They weave the rugs for their own use using the old vegetable dyes and weaving techniques with near to zero outside influence. Morocco’s Arabs and Berber’s tribes were dramatically rooted in their own particular tradition and culture and the infamous rugs of that time strongly represent the ancestral influence.

These traditional patterns and culture greatly differ from tribe to tribe and through families having the use of their own loops, dyes, weaves, knots, and patterns. However, the popularity of the Moroccan area rugs is not a secret anymore.


Mass or rarely produced?

When we talk about Moroccan area rugs, the term ‘vintage’ often used side by side with it. There are too many, about 45 tribal areas in Morocco and every other tribe has its own speciality when it comes to rugs. Let’s see what Moroccan area rugs are there and find out what the most famous ones are.


  • The Berber Kilim Rugs:

Berber rugs are also called Kilim or tribal rugs. Additionally, the rugs that are designed at other regions of the tribe are given the names specifically where they are produced. In the High Atlas Mountains, and at the Ouarzazate the rugs are particularly smaller but are thick from the background with bright color combinations like yellow, red, and orange. Many other areas are represented by kilim rugs that includes Azemmour Kilim, Tiflet Kilim, Boujad Kilim, and much more.

Berber carpets are woven or knotted. They are famous for their simplicity and originality with rustic and simple patterns. These carpets are woven by women of the tribes with wool that are colored using natural dyes that provide the flawless harmonious colors. Each and every piece of the Moroccan area rugs is unique and extraordinary just like the artisans of Morocco. You can also find the Moroccan rugs as everyday use for decoration and bed linen – from here (website)


These famous and extraordinary rugs are the first love of many interior designers and the private customers of the rugs whether it is used for home decors or backdrops. The charm and beauty of this Moroccan area rugs make it the perfect selection of any kind of decoration. When people talk about the exotic kind of carpets, Beni Ourain rugs is all they want.

Like every Moroccan area rugs, Beni Ourain rugs have their own original history that takes over the beauty and charm of the rugs. They were originally made to use as blankets in the winter seasons because they are so soft and thick as they are created from 100% sheepskin. Women specially weave Beni Ourain rugs when they want to show gratitude to their families.


Just like the rainbow beautifies the sky after the rain with its variety of colors, Boucherouite rugs also enhance the glam of your home décor. From Moroccan area rugs, these kinds of rugs are the perfect choice when colors are your complete concerns. With their attractive and bright colors they add an amazing ambience to your interior.

An interesting thing about these rugs is that they are made with the leftovers of the other rugs carpets and rugs that is why they are so colorful and trendy. These colors provide the authentic and elegant overall look to the rug which has its own identity.



  • Tuareg mat rug

These African mats are created from natural leather and reed. The finishing and the embroidery of the mats are beyond perfection. The leather in the mats came from the camel skin, that’s why the mat usually available in the camel and reed colors as they are not dyed.


  • Moroccan wedding blanket

Textures create a vibrant aura and add softness, purity, elegance, and peace to the rugs. The relatives of the bride's hand weave the Moroccan wedding blankets that are generally used to wear as capes by the bride. These capes are considered to be the protection of the newly wedded couple from the evil spirit and bestow fertility.

Other than this, these Moroccan area rugs can also be used as the inspirations to the interior décor for adding charms to the living room when they are used to make bed linen, pillow covers, and blankets.


To celebrate your home with Moroccan area rugs, Boujad rugs add the Moroccan charm to your living room in a unique way. The diamond and other geometric shapes are crafted in a way that they manifest a stable composition of the patterns. The amalgamation of vibrant colors, patterns, and designs make the masterpiece another beautiful art piece to be placed in your home.

The carpet holds the special Berber Boujad civilization and represents the power that preserves after a dire effort of the people of Boujad.



Living rooms are the heart of any home. You play here, eat here, and celebrate here. So, why not design your space with such a wonderful masterpiece that enhances the charm of your memories? Place your order now...


Type:Moroccan Rug Handmade
Material:95% Wool 
Backing:5% cotton
Manufacturing:By hand
Production time:Approximately 2-5 weeks (depending on size)

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