Cobalt Beni Mrirt Rug 8.2  X 10 ft /  252 X 305 cm

Cobalt Beni Mrirt Rug 8.2 X 10 ft / 252 X 305 cm


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Beni Mrirt 100% thick and natural wool with fringed finishes on the edges. Exceptional and unique piece handmade by Berber women on wooden looms.

Their wool is made from very high quality, very soft and silky and very tightly knotted. Then the rug is washed for several days, in order to have an infinite softness to the touch. They differ from all other rugs by their fine and silky wool and by their intense thickness.

Beni Mrirt rugs are the favourite target for interior designers.


Your order is made entirely by hand from 100% natural wool, which means there will be natural (and beautiful) variations in pattern and color. Wool shrinks! While we do our best, final sizes can vary by 1-4"

Traditional Moroccan rugs feature tassels just on one side. You can toggle them on and off below, as you prefer! Tassel length is normally in the range of 4–6".