Handmade Moroccan rugs for sale
Handmade Moroccan rugs for sale
Handmade Moroccan rugs for sale
Handmade Moroccan rugs for sale
Handmade Moroccan rugs for sale
Handmade Moroccan rugs for sale
Handmade Moroccan rugs for sale
Handmade Moroccan rugs for sale
Handmade Moroccan rugs for sale
Handmade Moroccan rugs for sale
Handmade Moroccan rugs for sale
Handmade Moroccan rugs for sale

Handmade Moroccan rugs for sale


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The beautiful and extraordinary collection of Moroccan rugs at your doorstep

Moroccan rugs, a product that we are extremely proud to have some of the beautiful and best collection of Antique Moroccan carpets and rugs from the heart of Morocco that ever assembled in a single collection. For more than a decade we have travelled through harsh steep mountains and small villages of and Beber tribes to look for the most demanded and desirable collection of the ever-loved and rugs.

The exclusive quality with the extraordinarily affordable pricing makes the vintage quality Moroccan rugs one of their kind that remained popular among the rug lovers and the extreme collections today.

Many of the Moroccan rugs are famous for their vibrant designs and dynamic patterns that make them unique from any other rug collection available in the market. Nowadays, Moroccan rugs are the hottest trend in the interior industry with the combination of their silver history. Every piece is the masterpiece of folk art and the famous heirlooms that are passed through generations.

Moroccan rugs withstood the test of thick and thins of harsh weather. However, their existence was limited to the tribal areas of North Africa till the nineteenth century. But now they have gained the attention of more than half of the world with their social presence.


Till the mid-1800s, the Moroccan rugs were usually considered as the birth-child of cross civilizations of western and central Turkish rugs. Famous for their lavish patterns and dynamic geometric designs that put them apart from the traditional Persian rugs with the addition of timelessness is the eye-attraction of all.

Moreover, Moroccan rugs have become the first and only choice of interior designers, and this drift has been done like a flash in past few years. Not only interior designers but Moroccan rugs are also called ‘the rugs of choice’ by the private customers of the rug industries as well. With the growing heap of the trend, everyone is under the influence of the amazing rugs.

None of the kind had rapidly gain attraction till the date from the mid-1800s and the 1900’s when the production of the Moroccan rugs was just begun. Taking inspirations from the beauty and the geometric patterns of the Moroccan rugs, many weavers followed the trend of weaving the rugs and the adaption began from central and western Turkish rugs.


Learn About the Types And The Styles Of The Moroccan Rugs

Whenever someone asks about a historical or culturally rich country, Morocco is the one place that we all thought about. From the tribes of Atlas Mountains to the Arab, African, and Jewish influences, Morocco is known for its diversified food, rich architecture, and of course the amazing rugs.

are although well-known across the globe, people sometimes get confused in selecting the right kind of Moroccan rugs that actually fill their needs. For this, a wide range of Moroccan rugs are detailed under that would tell you about the exact type you might need and unveil the style that telltale much about its region.


Different Types of Moroccan rugs

Azilal rugs are originally produced from the central Moroccan province, Azilal. Hand-woven with affection by the women of the Azilal tribe. These rugs have many similarities to the Beni Ourains in their heavy piles and plushness. The main difference between Azilal and Beni Ourain rugs are the difference in color.

Azilal rugs are more typically based on geometric shapes and the rainbow colors of wool are dyed with vegetable dyes. If a bright-coloured pattern with more spice and spunk is your need, then Azilal must be your first choice.


These Boucherouite rugs are literally made from the recycled materials. The handmade Moroccan rugs by the Berber weavers are eco-friendly have become more popular just because of their vibrant colors and the charm that the small pieces of the stashes pull out from them.


Produced from 100% sheepskin, Beni Ourain rugs are handmade by the Beni Ourain Tribal weaver. Moroccan Atlas Mountain rugs are traditionally are cream in color with long lozenges or Berber insignia. Some more of the kind can be found in many other different colors like taupe and turquoise. The minimalist and timeless look of the Beni Ourain rugs is the primary reason for their increasing trend.

Additionally, they are admired by famous interior designers like LeCorbusier who liked to decorate and juxtapose his smooth looking leather furniture with only Beni Ourain rugs. Not only Corbusier, but Frank Lloyd Wright is also a die-hard fan of Beni Ourains that he had the rugs all over his Chicago home. Other variations of the Beni Ourain rugs involves Beni Mririt rugs.



Boujad rugs are the ones that are the most colorful and the most-trendy rugs of all. These rugs come in many colors like oranges, purple, and pink. Boujad rugs are also popular in making pouffes and pillows. These rugs are originated from the Middle Atlas Mountains.


  • Moroccan Kilim Rugs

Flat-woven Kilims are usually connected with Turkish and Romanian rugs, but Morocco also produces amazing Kilim rugs. These kilim rugs are not piled up and are not ideal for pillows and poufs, rather they are quite flat. That means they are pretty thinner than and not as soft as the other ideal Moroccan rugs. What makes them famous then? Their beautiful geometric designs and awesomely bright color combinations make them a perfect fit for your living room.

Kilim, as they are thinner so are more affordable and cheap as compared to other types of . They are generally used in every weather to be used in indoor and outdoor activities. Moroccan Kilim comes in warm and rich tomes of orange, brown, and red that would create an exceptional backdrop if you use them at your entrance and prominent hallways.

Although, the idea of using rugs as backdrops are new to the decorators, but they are loving the innovation.


How Were The Moroccan Rugs Made?

Morocco is a beautiful and culturally rich country located in northwestern Africa. Morocco is eminent for its beaches, delectable cuisine, traditional music, colorful history, and how can somebody forget to mention its fantastic carpets and rugs.

But for most western rug lovers, Morocco has typically a different meaning. They call Morocco a tribal country where hand-woven rugs are produced which cost higher than the high price due to their exotic characteristics and the variety of colors.

The rugs initially were not made for decorations but they weaved in tribal homes of Moroccan provinces as a tent. The weavers of the Moroccan Azilal, Beni Ourain, and the Kilim rugs are mostly less trained and barely know about the artistry.

The Moroccans own the fact dramatically and seen this primitive as their power to have a childlike charm that makes the rugs so appealing through its simplicity. Across the geographical region, Morocco has almost 45 different tribes that are spread from the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara desert. Berbers and the Nomadic Moroccans make the rugs in different sizes like tent sized, sleeping mats, bed coverings, saddle blankets, burial shrouds, and generation’s favorite pastime back.


Moroccan tribes follow the three common styles of weaving:

  • Knotted
  • Flatweave
  • Weft substitution

All of them are unique and demonstrates the magnificent outcome as the end product. Unlike other oriental rugs style, Moroccan hand-woven tribal carpets and rugs create a subtle ambience about themselves.


How to décor your house from these Moroccan Magnificent rugs

Planning to decorate your house with a collection? Ain’t no better idea than that after all? Moroccan rugs complement almost every interior design from their minimalist and tribal dyes and designs. The term tribal rejuvenates the images of exotic Central Asian or Middle Eastern ethnography.

If we look at the designs, we automatically conjure the nomadic rugs having the complex repertory of geometric patterns, deep colors that are expressed in dark patterns of rugs.

You can décor your homes with Moroccan rugs while placing them under your modernist interior, hang them as wall art and tapestries, use them in your living rooms, keep the cushions and pillows of the hand-woven material in your children’s room, and nobody would stop you to keep them with you in winter times as they are too cozy to get along with.


Where Do You Find Beautiful Moroccan Rugs To Buy?

has a wonderful collection of Moroccan rugs and carpets with plenty of colors and sizes for your home, office, and rooftops. In the wide variety of Moroccan rugs are available to fit in anywhere you like at the most affordable prices.

Hand-picked every single piece of the Moroccan rug, we reject the piece which could be with a single defect. Curating for you a comprehensive collection that would make you fall in love with every slice. The collection we have gathered for you took a lot of our effort that’s why we are proud to have such a wonderful collection that most of our customer admire.




Type:Moroccan Rug Handmade
Material:95% Wool 
Backing:5% cotton
Manufacturing:By hand
Production time:Approximately 2-5 weeks (depending on size)

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